This past Friday was Joyner Jamboree. I was overwhelmed with the participation! Over 700 wristbands were on children that were running around laughing, playing and being together. I met Grandparents, Aunts and Uncles who came out for the event. And what else that struck me was the number of alumnae that also came back. There was an atmosphere of homecoming. This is an event truly for the family of Joyner to come together. It is not about fundraising. It is about being together and celebrating!  The festive atmosphere was everywhere from the Spanish Dancers to the DJ rockin’. Our chorus performed and our second graders shared their talents in wristband making! Teachers danced and played. It was quite an event.

This Saturday is the District’s Magnet Fair. This is an opportunity for families to learn more about the magnet programs we offer in our school district. I have always enjoyed this opportunity to talk with families about what makes the school I work for unique. This year, I have Joyner to share. How wonderful to share just this past week’s experience of the Joyner family and community with perspective new members. How easily I have always been able to speak to the incredible teachers and curriculum we have at Joyner. But what will be even more fun is to bring that family feel as well. I am a proud family member of Joyner.

Thank you to everyone who made the Joyner Jamboree so successful. And that includes all of the students, former students, teachers and families that came out to celebrate our community. These are the moments that pull us together.