As I reflect on this past week, I keep coming back to how normal it has been. Sounds strange, I know. But this week has been full of Joyner learning and teaching. There is a beat that we all seem to be following. There begins to be a familiarity in greeting each other in the morning. Students get to class and start their day. I walked down the Kindergarten hallway first thing yesterday morning and the kids have their rhythm. They are doing their thing feeling confident in their surroundings. We aren’t in that new fresh start of the school year anymore. We are rolling. I don’t hear as much talk in classrooms of how to follow the procedures, I just see the students following them. Kids talk with me about their tests and quizzes. That tells me we have made it through units of study. I have seen the change of lessons as we move deeper into the curriculum. Students are comfortable. It is a good feeling. I like to see the confidence our students have in their classes. They are figuring out the predictable as a way to know what they can count on. They continue to be risk taking in sharing ideas. I believe because of their comfort they are able to try out new ideas and share them out loud.

And that is what makes Joyner unique. Because nothing is ever really just plain learning and teaching. There is beat and excitement. There is energy and drive and that is driven by incredible teachers and celebrated by the amazing students. I encourage everyone to consider the beat they follow at school. And remember to keep being creative and sharing new rhythms to that beat. Keep exploring and creating. It is fantastic as students continue to seek me out even more to share stories they wrote, projects they created or even share the grades on their last quiz. Being the global school that we are, I want us to continue to celebrate all that is unique about each of our students. And that is what makes the best music in our building.