Walking around campus during that last half hour of the day is fun. Usually there is a buzz. Teachers are busily giving directions and helping students to complete tasks. Often I see and hear science or social studies. The energy level is high with anticipation that the day is coming to a close soon.

And then I walked into Ms. Thompson’s first grade class. Music was quietly playing and students were writing in earnest. Both Ms. Thompson and Ms. Davis were moving around the room talking with students about their writing. What a focused and quiet instructional time. Then I drifted into Ms. Kaswarra’s class. Again, students were curled up around the room quietly reading. Ms. Kaswarra was moving around monitoring. I stopped to talk with different students about the books they had chosen. Again, quiet instructional time!

I find that it is only in the world of teaching and learning that we see how every moment can count. I have often said that only teachers seem to be the type that will see three minutes on the clock and can think of learning that can be done. That learning might be quiet and focused with the individual learner or it might be loud and energetic and shared with each other.The end of the day has the same focus on learning as the beginning. How important our whole day is at school!