The words I continue to hear over and over. And I am just delighted.  Teachers have come back to the building this week. Everyone is busy preparing our classrooms, hallways and selves to welcome our children next Monday! As a new principal to Joyner, I have enjoyed getting to know this tremendous faculty these last few days. We have talked about the new curriculum, Common Core. We recognize our IB traits that work so fluidly in this curriculum.  I have listened closely to the many ways these incredible folks engage students and each other in learning. And I look forward to working closely with the team in creating a space that continues to focus on a community that empowers all in reaching the highest potential.

I look forward to the students coming and bringing life to our plans. I look forward to working with all of the members of the community as we together continue to create the dynamic community that makes Joyner so special.  And I encourage each of our members of the community to consider the ways you can be a part of this community. Remember that even in the simplest task of reading with your child empowers that relationship!

Together we welcome our children! Let’s have a fabulous year together learning and growing!